This is a listing of the projects I have worked on. These have all been done in Drupal and use Omega (3.x) or Zurb Foundation (5.x) as the base theme.

Drupal Camp WI

I first started building this website using COD; this turned out to be a mistake. COD at the time (May of 2013) wasn't stable and it had broken Views. I decided to not use COD and instead use a basic Drupal install. COD was overkill for DC WI, it has Commerce and Organic Groups, and it was pretty easy to build the website from scratch using a couple of content types. The theme was recreated from a past year and I used Omega as the base theme to make it responsive.

**Note** This is the second version of the website. It is currently using Zurb Foundation as the base theme, but was using Omega before.

UW-Madison Clone

I created a UW-Madison Omega theme and I released it on ( I haven't kept up the theme because LSS at the UW-Madison campus that has forked the theme. I can put you in touch with someone to get the most recent version if you want.

I created a clone of the homepage and you can view it at as a proof of concept.

Madison College

New Job!!!


I currently am rebuilding the main DPI Drupal site (for the second or third time). It has been an interesting experience taking over a site from another developer. There were a few developers who didn't follow Drupal best practices. Lots of cleanup that is ongoing.


This site is built using Zurb Foundation as a framework. It is responsive for mobile access and has a site tour when you first go to it. I think it looks very nice.

UW Colleges websites

The following is the list of websites that I have built and currently am maintaining. Each website can have multiple mini sites in it. The central site ( has 20 department mini-sites, and 50+ different groups for editing content.


The sites share a very similar look/feel and that is the idea. There are numerous features and functionality that is shared between the sites, but there are changes that each campus can make. This includes the slideshow images, blogs, homepage layout, and more.

There are still a couple more campuses that are coming over.

Madison Traffic Garden

On Dec. 7th, 2013 I participated in Design Like Mad ( I was teamed with a group and we helped out a non-profit by building a new website for them. You can see the old website at and the new website at The website has been updated since I migrated it to them and you can what it looked like before it went live at


FLYY Expeditions

I participated in Design Like Mad on Sept. 17th, 2014. This year we were a bit short staffed, but we still completed a new website. is the site and is an archive of it.