Go SpeedReader, Go!

I twitter stalk people (in a good way). I don't really tweet, but this is how I find about new shiny things. One of this cool things that found was http://www.spritzinc.com/. It is a technology that allows you to read two or three times as fast. I submitted my information to try and get a JavaScript development license to play around with it, but then I saw @btopro's tweet about a new Drupal module - https://drupal.org/project/speedreader.

The short version is he saw someone's jQuery implementation of Spritz, and made it into a Drupal module. I tested out the module/library, submitted a patch that I found and then thanked @brtopro for all the work he did (see his blog post at https://drupal.psu.edu/content/speed-reader-module-using-drupal-read-everything-faster about this -- Bryan is awesome).

I think this technology is amazing for mobile devices. It allows you to read a lot of information, very fast, on a small screen. If you want to catch up on Treasure Island, check out the demo I made at http://natemillin.com/treasure.