First Post

So, with building this website (, I thought I would start blogging. The nature of the blog will probably be mostly Drupal in nature, and will probably include a rant or two. My goal is to include some tutorials on how I created a new feature or how I finally figured out how to use a Module.

Some ideas I have for the blog:

  • "Omega Theme, 3.x vs 4.x" or another title idea "Omega 4.x, wtf happened to my GUI?"
  • Feeds xParser Tutorial
    • part 1 showing how to do a basic parse
    • part 2 showing how to scrape a website to check for updated content
  • Using the Bootstrap theme. How I used it to create the website fast and issue I have with it. (I'm not sure if I'm going to stay with this theme.)
  • How to use Panels. I need to relearn Panels and maybe I'll use Panels on this website
  • All of my Drupal/Web docs
    • I've kept a ton of notes on how to use different themes/modules in work, and I think other people could get a use out of my experiences.
  • SASS - How I use it and what I learned in my first SASS project.
  • Icon Fonts - how¬†used them and how to make them easily.
  • Image Sprites - why you should use them and how to make them easily.