My Rambles

Go SpeedReader, Go!

I twitter stalk people (in a good way). I don't really tweet, but this is how I find about new shiny things. One of this cool things that found was It is a technology that allows you to read two or three times as fast. I submitted my information to try and get a JavaScript development license to play around with it, but then I saw @btopro's tweet about a new Drupal module -

HTML Table Parser

A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me what programming language I would suggest for him to write a html table parser in. He had heard that Python would work well, and since I know PHP, I said PHP. I talked about how in Drupal, there is the Feeds module that I use to scrape some content from a website (will write about this in another blog). I thought this would be the best approach because Drupal can do anything. In getting more information from him, I learned that the Feeds Module would be overkill and wouldn't solve this problem.

First Post

So, with building this website (, I thought I would start blogging. The nature of the blog will probably be mostly Drupal in nature, and will probably include a rant or two. My goal is to include some tutorials on how I created a new feature or how I finally figured out how to use a Module.

Some ideas I have for the blog: